Hello my name is Viviana, I am the owner of Tierra Mistica and a NYC from these lands (born and raised) so it will be my pleasure to guide and help you with information about this beautiful city.

Let’s start with a little history

Why the name of the city? Ushuaia comes from the Yagan language (one of the original peoples that inhabited our island) and means: USH (at the bottom) and WAIA (bay or cove).
In 1868, a sailor named Augusto Laserre, on behalf of the Argentine Republic, was already carrying out surveys throughout Patagonia, including the Malvinas Islands.

In 1884 Laserre commanded an expedition to Tierra del Fuego and Isla de los Estados, reorganizing the Isla de los Estados detachment, which served as a rescue station for castaways.
A few days before the end of this mission, she disembarks in Ushuaia Bay, and here the story of this charming and beautiful city is about to begin.
Upon arriving in Ushuaia (Laserre) he met with an evangelist named Lucas Bridge who met with about 350 Yamanas (another of the native peoples of Tierra del Fuego), these 350 were almost the entire population of Yamanas since the pests that were introduced by the Europeans, had decimated the population.
Mr. Laserre and Mr. Bridge begin to discuss the need to establish a maritime sub-prefecture establishment.
And on October 12, 1884, the first sub-prefecture establishment was signed (a colorful note is that in the city it was named as Oshovia and not as it is known today). This fact was the starting point for what today is the beautiful and unique city of Ushuaia.
Ushuaia is considered “the southernmost city in the world” because of its geographical position, but this is only one of the characteristics that differentiate it. Ushuaia is the only city in Argentina that is located on the western side of the Andes Mountains and the only city in Argentina that has mountains and sea. And as if this were not enough, it is the capital of the Falkland Islands.
All these particularities make Ushuaia a really attractive city to visit.
Until 1894 it was a multicolored hamlet with no division of land, streets or blocks.
In 1896, the first internal migration to the city began. When the Penal Colonization began to send men and women to serve sentences of several years.
In the year 1902, the construction of the five pavilions building began by the inmates themselves, with stone and mortar, where today the Maritime and Prison Museum of Ushuaia is located, where you can see a great part of our history.

Ushuaia Today

Here we are going to start with one of the questions that most visitors ask us “how many inhabitants live in Ushuaia” and the answer is always difficult since our population is emigrant and is always tied to external factors, such as the electronics industry that generates employment for many of our fellow citizens.
We are going to base ourselves on the 2010 census which showed that 57,000 people live here.
The City is divided into large sections designated by letters. As of 2009, the city had 94 official neighborhoods. And starting in 2016, a process of urbanization of areas that had been informal neighborhoods up to that time began.

How to get to Ushuaia?

Ushuaia can be reached by land, sea and air.


To get to Ushuaia you must use the National Route No. 3, you must take into account that the city is located inside an island and to enter the Island of Tierra del Fuego you must travel a few kilometers through Chilean territory and cross the Strait of Magellan in a ferry.
We also have to cross 4 borders, 1 Argentinean border and a Chilean border to enter Chile and then a Chilean border to leave Chile to finally cross the Argentinean border that welcomes us to Tierra del Fuego. Once on the island and 80 kilometers from the border we will find the city of Rio Grande and 180 kilometers from the city of Tolhuin (heart of the island) after crossing Tolhuin we will cross the Andes through the Garibaldi crossing, and from this point you will see how the landscape changes significantly, as you begin to surround yourself with nature, the beauty will flood your senses and you will feel proud of how beautiful our country is.
When you arrive in Ushuaia you will feel a unique and inexplicable sensation of being at the end of the earth.
Route 3 crosses Ushuaia and reaches the Tierra del Fuego National Park and its end point is Lapataia Bay, the continental tip of Latin America.


The Islas Malvinas International Airport was inaugurated in 1998 and is the most used by tourists to enter the city.
Different airlines connect Ushuaia with the rest of the world.


The Port of Ushuaia has a pier 550 meters long and 29 meters wide. During the summer season, hundreds of tourist and scientific cruises arrive at the port before continuing their journey to Antarctica (Antarctic gateway).
So it is normal to see cruise ships of enormous size almost integrated with the city, generating a beautiful postcard.
The port is very active in the transportation of goods, both from the rest of the country and the world.

Activities in Ushuaia

Here we tell you what you can’t miss in this destination that offers options for all tastes.
Welcome to the last end of the world and the beginning of all your joys.


Cerro Castor
Located 26 kilometers from the center of the city of Ushuaia, this winter resort has 33 slopes of different difficulties for snow lovers to enjoy the length and breadth of its slopes, since it has a total of 34 skiable kilometers.

Martial Glacier Ski School
Ushuaia Ski School is the oldest private ski school in Tierra del Fuego. Only 10 minutes from downtown
It is located in the Martial Glacier Mountain Center,
The Ushuaia Ski School is ideal for those who want to practice for the first time to slide down the snow or enjoy in a warm atmosphere of a delicious chocolate with the best panoramic view of the city.

Ice Skating Rink “Tachuela Oyarzum”.
This track is located in the center of the city. The ice skating rink is located next to the municipal sports center, has ice skates for rent and a nice confectionery, to relax and enjoy a hot coffee and taste their homemade cakes.

Framed by a unique natural environment in the world, you can enjoy beautiful bike rides, to know the city of Ushuaia in a non-conventional excursion or tour unique landscapes such as the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

This city located at the end of the world is chosen by expert anglers and beginners to enjoy wonderful days of fishing.

Ushuaia offers a perfect combination of beautiful landscapes, a variety of lakes and rivers, and huge trout specimens,
Fishing in Ushuaia is unparalleled, as this destination offers a great variety of rivers, lakes and lagoons.
The season runs from November to April and it is necessary to have a fishing permit to carry out the activity, which is issued on the day for the number of days considered convenient.

In the Cerro Castor Complex you can make your descents in a beautiful fresh snow, the goodness of its slopes and infrastructure, make it an ideal place for this sport. It also has the practical “magic carpets” that facilitate the first steps in this exciting sport. And for the intermediates, the modern chairlifts,

Also a few minutes from the city is the Aerosilla del Glaciar Martial Recreational Center, which is an interesting option for those who are just starting out.
All these features will make snowboarding a fascinating and unique experience. !!!!

If you’re looking for an adventure, make sure you’ve packed your hiking boots. There are some fantastic trails in and around Ushuaia, ideal for increasing your sense of freedom accompanied by the beautiful landscapes of Tierra del Fuego.

There are numerous trails in Tierra del Fuego National Park where you can satisfy your desire for nature. Upon arrival at the park, travelers receive a map with all the trails clearly marked. All hiking points are well marked, allowing people to walk independently.

Laguna Esmeralda is one of the most popular tours in Ushuaia. You can take a public bus to the trailhead. The walk is relatively easy and will take you through peat bogs and forests until you reach the famous Emerald Lagoon, a glacial lake that shimmers with the beautiful emerald color.

If you are looking for more challenges and feel like spending a different day, then you should go to Laguna de los Témpanos. Take a cab to the trailhead, located at the end of the Andorra neighborhood. The trail passes through the river valley, through the forest, and then up a steep hill. The lake is at the foot of the impressive Vinciguerra Glacier.

A hike that is not too strenuous but has privileged views and even some snow in summer, is the Martial Glacier. Take a cab or bus to the trailhead, which is at the base of the Martial SKI school. The walk is very easy, it is along the old ski slope. It will take you about an hour to walk to the base of the glacier.

Wear appropriate clothing. Even in summer, it can become extremely icy and unpredictable around glaciers and glacial lakes. Pack a sandwich, snacks and water to keep your energy levels up.
It is highly recommended to carry a phone with the numbers of a local cab company so that you don’t get stranded when you finish the hike.

It is a wonderful and unique experience in the deep waters of the famous Beagle Channel. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an incredible place, where the waters meet the mountains.

Different tourism agencies offer the possibility of completing your tours with a canoe trip.

The experience is beautiful and you can complement it with conventional tours, you can tour the national park and Lake Fagnano in canoes.

Traditional Beagle Channel Navigation
From the port of Ushuaia, different types of boats leave daily to navigate the Beagle Channel, visiting wildlife colonies and wild sea birds. The classic circuit, available all year round, goes through Isla de los Pájaros and Isla de los Lobos, continuing to the emblematic site of the city: Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, a symbol of the “end of the world” that actually indicates to navigators the entrance to Ushuaia Bay. The excursion lasts between two and four hours depending on the type of boat and can be done in the morning or afternoon.

Beagle Channel Navigation + Hike with penguins
Departure from the Beagle Channel, visiting Isla de los Lobos, Pájaros and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, heading to Estancia Harberton. Upon arrival, the crossing will be made by zodiac to Martillo Island and we will walk among the gentoo penguin colony for 30 minutes.
The return will be by boat to enjoy the lights of the city of Ushuaia.

Among the many proposals offered by tourism in Antarctica, one of the favorites is to depart from the Port of Ushuaia and cross the Drake Passage to Antarctica, located 1000 kilometers from the city of Tierra del Fuego, which is approximately 2 days of navigation.

To know Ushuaia in a natural and economical way is undoubtedly the Mountaineering, it is necessary to have a favorable physical condition and a lot of desire for adventure.

The horseback ride allows you to travel along old trails used by the convicts of Ushuaia, during the years when they used to cut down the forests in the area.

Flying over Ushuaia is an invitation to feel free in the midst of a magnificent nature that frames our magical moment.

Flying over is the best option to get to know the south of the Province of Tierra del Fuego in depth. Fly over the city of Ushuaia, fly between the imposing peaks of the Andes Mountains, the Beagle Channel and the majesty of the Beagle Channel and the Andes Mountains among other incredible landscapes aboard our Piper aircrafts.


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